A6N completed the installation of a watermain expansion from the Six Nations water treatment plant to I.L. Thomas Elementary School, Oliver M. Smith Elementary School and the Oneida Business Park (OBP).

The contract was awarded to A6N by Six Nations Elected Council following the announcement in February 2018 of a $10.35 million grant from Indigenous Services Canada and a $1.2 million grant from the Six Nations Economic Development Trust. The project will provide an opportunity for future connections to the water distribution system to more than 400 homes currently drawing water from wells or cisterns. The waterline expansion will also increase fire protection measures on Six Nations through the installation of over 120 fire hydrants.

“Six Nations always places an emphasis on spending funds locally and working with Six Nations companies. We are proud to have been able to work with A6N to complete our Phase 1 Watermain Extensions Project which provided construction jobs and valuable work experience to 48 Six Nations band members and approximately $3 million of local spending which benefitted other Six Nations family owned and operated businesses. We feel that this project showcased our local talent and represented a major step forward in establishing A6N as a qualified and reputable construction company.” -Michael Montour, Director of Six Nations Public Works


A6N performed excavation and hydro vacuum work in support of the Centre of Site Electrical Distribution Phase 2 contract awarded to Aecon.
A6N completed excavation and hydro vacuum work to support the Bruce B MCR Security Fence Modification Construction contract awarded to Aecon in December 2017. Work began in April 2018 and was completed in December 2018.

“We are excited to support work in and around the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, sharing our success with the local Indigenous communities. Our recent utilities-related projects across Southwestern Ontario illustrate the success of the A6N joint venture, creating meaningful employment opportunities across the Six Nations of the Grand River community.”– Darryl Hill, A6N Superintendent

“We are proud to continue working on prominent projects with our partners, as well as our esteemed client Bruce Power, to support the MCR program and the continued supply of clean, reliable and affordable energy in Ontario,” said Mark Scherer, Executive Vice President, Aecon Industrial


A6N completed the Union Gas Pipeline project in Walpole Island First Nation community. A6N was responsible for laying eight kilometres of 6-inch plastic and steel distribution gas line. Prior to the pipeline being installed, the community was operating off various electric and propane sources.

The project will allow Union Gas to service 60 residences, 13 commercial customers, as well as Tahgahoning Enterprises. The line has the capacity to extend service to up to 800 homes, and there is additional commercial/industrial capacity that would allow Tahgahoning to double its operation in the future.

“Most projects or contractors that come into town, attempt to hire local First Nation community members, however once the project is finished, those jobs are gone. That was not the case with A6N’s Walpole project as we were able to retain the majority of the workers and bring them along to their next project.” – Bryan Johnston, A6N